High Velocity Mini Duct Systems

Don’t have room for bulky ductwork in your home?

Get better air circulation with high velocity. Smaller pipes means better air mixture—making for a more comfortable home.

High velocity, mini-duct systems are a way of handling and delivering cool and/or warm air throughout your home. They are a great solution if you live in homes with old, brick walls, wood beams, open floor plans, or new construction. The sleek and flexible design of mini-ducts are made to maneuver around many obstructions where typical air ducts won’t fit. They can fit with an existing hot water heating, electric, or heat pump system.

How are high velocity, mini-ducts installed?

DiagramPaired with your existing heating or cooling unit, an air handler pushes hot or cold air through a single supply trunk. High velocity mini-ducts—flexible, sound-insulated tubes measuring about 2–3 inches in diameter—are connected to the main supply trunk to deliver air into the rooms of your home. The small tubes can be “snaked” through walls, floors, and even ceilings.

The mini-duct outlets are positioned away from room traffic—typically in the corner of a room. The outlets are covered with a damper, which provides a quiet and discreet opening for the powerful, slim stream of air. These discreet covers come in a variety of finishes to give the outlet its own unique and sleek style that blends into any room.

Benefits of High Velocity, Mini Duct Systems

  • Narrower tubes push air more aggressively
  • Air circulates throughout the room more evenly
  • Reduced humidity or drafts
  • Noise reduction vent covers are discreet and easily blend into the room environment
  • Easy to install
  • Insulated tubes fit in almost all homes and don’t take up much space compared to air ducts


Cost of installation is dependent upon a number of factors, such as the size of your home, the number of outlets needed to heat and cool each space, existing systems, etc. Feel free to request a free quote and find out if installing high-velocity heating and cooling systems is right for your home.