Ductless Mini Split System Installation & Repair

Great for Retrofits, Additions, & More

Just because you have a room without ductwork doesn’t mean you can’t be cozy!

Carrier Ductless SystemsMany older homes in the Lehigh Valley, particularly smaller brick homes and row homes, still use traditional style window air conditioning units. In homes like these,  there may not be many options due to logistical challenges in the infrastructure of the walls and ceilings.

In cases like these, we have recommended ductless, mini-split heat pumps for our Lehigh Valley customers. Ductless HVAC systems are a great solution for homes with little to no room for bulky air ducts. They fit to handle your heating and cooling needs and combine with other systems such as hot water heaters, radiant floor panels, and fuel space heaters. It is also beneficial if you have renovated or extended your home, but do not have the means to extend or install new ducts.

How It Works
In a mini-split system, a small heat pump compressor unit sits outside of your home. Connected to the outdoor unit are thin pipes filled with a refrigerant liquid. Similarly to a heat pump, the pipes transfer the refrigerant in either a liquid or gas form. The refrigerant pipes break off to the separate rooms to be heated or cooled. The thin pipes are fed through the walls or ceilings to connect to a small head unit mounted in the ceiling or walls. A head unit containing a fan, blows across the refrigerant pipes, delivering hot or cooled air into the rooms.

Why We Recommend Ductless Mini-Splits

  • They are easy to install.
  • They are super efficient because there is no energy loss due to leaky or bulky air ducts.
  • Unlike window units, they are super quiet.
  • Temperature control in specific rooms can benefit those in residential and commercial environments.

Other Considerations to Mini-Split Heat Pumps
There are very few unfavorable aspects to the mini-split system. However, the disadvantages are:

  • Limited styling options. Depending on the chosen head unit, wall mounts or ceiling mounts may not be visually attractive.
  • Because it is a ductless system, there is no air return vent to recondition and circulate fresh air back into the rooms.


Before you sell your home, consider the current state of your HVAC system—it can easily add a few thousand dollars in your home equity, or make or break a deal in a home sale. If you have recently added an extension to your home or have renovated areas that need heating and cooling, consider installing Ductless Mini Splits to increase the value of your home.