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Never Be Left In the DARK AGAIN

When the Power Goes Out, We’ll Turn You On!

If there’s one thing Hurricane Sandy taught us, it’s that power is a fragile thing. With meteorologists predicting storms of this magnitude and resulting power outages to become a more common occurrence in the Lehigh Valley, now is the time to consider a backup plan.

Generators are a great way to protect your power supply, but portable generators do come with risks. There have been tragic reports of carbon monoxide poisonings from people running portable generators in garages or too close to homes. “The danger is that people don’t realize they’re breathing in the gas until it’s too late,” says Dave Wieder, VP of Burkholder’s. “It’s also very dangerous to start up a gas-powered generator in a storm with rain or snow because of the potential for sparks, which can lead to fire or electrocution.”

To keep you and your family safe and warm this winter, Burkholder’s is offering whole house generators that are reliable, convenient and risk-free. Burkholder’s whole house generators are easily installed into your existing power panel to automatically switch on in a power outage, and then off once power is restored. They are hassle-free and automatic to keep your energy flowing seamlessly and your home running smoothly and safely.

Another benefit is unexpected savings. “People think they’re saving money, but portable gas-powered generators typically cost two to three times higher than our system’s daily operating cost,” says Wieder. Powered by natural gas, propane or diesel, Burkholder’s whole home generators use energy-efficient resources. “Aside from the convenience and cost, it’s really a matter of safety,” he says.

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Whole house generators are a long-term solution to ensure your home is never without power, even when everyone else in your neighborhood is.