Maintaining Peak Performance

With the average American family spending nearly $2,000 on utilities each year, energy efficiency is a hot topic. Properly maintained heating, cooling and ventilation systems can significantly cut energy costs, so we’re offering preventative maintenance agreements to get you through the summer swelter and the winter chill with maximum comfort and efficiency.

Our service agreements are a convenient and cost-effective way to evaluate, clean, and tune-up all critical equipment each spring and fall. By properly preparing for the seasons when they will be running at peak performance and that could save you up to 25% on your energy spending!

The benefits don’t end there. The average lifespan of equipment can be extended by 20% when regularly serviced, and 80% of all HVAC repairs can be eliminated through preventative maintenance. As if saving money and avoiding failures weren’t reason enough, proper HVAC care will also benefit your health. Duct cleaning, filter replacement and proper ventilation prevent indoor air contamination, a top 5 health risk according to the EPA.

Customers with service agreements are also entitled to additional savings on parts and labor, 24-hour emergency service and no overtime fees.  Our agreements keep you comfortable and safe while reducing the amount of money and time you spend on your heating and cooling- now that’s a win-win.

Read these pages for all the details of our maintenance agreements & service agreements or contact us today to enroll.  If you sign-up for a new maintenance or service plans by August 31st, we’ll send you a FREE TICKET to the Emmaus Main Street Partners’ All-You-Can-Eat CRAB FEST on September 9th.