Greenspeed: High Tech At Its Best

The latest advancement in home heating and cooling combines efficiency, comfort, savings and peace of mind.  The heat pumps and gas furnaces of Carrier’s Infinity® Series are blowing away the traditional standards of these systems thanks to the groundbreaking Greenspeed™ Intelligence system. The Greenspeed™ ultra high-efficiency heat pump has raised the bar for effective and economical cooling and heating. The magic of this pump is in its variable-speed capabilities, which signals an end of the days where heat pumps constantly struggled to catch up to desired temperatures.

Greenspeed’s™ new product precisely matches performance to comfort needs making unsteady blasts of air a thing of the past. During these warm summer months you’ll reap the benefits of the pump, which provides steadily cool temperatures using an environmentally friendly refrigerant. The pump also achieves an impressive 13.0 in the Heating Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio which is 29% higher than the closest competitor and nearly 70% better than other available options.

Thanks to Greenspeed™ comfort and energy savings have never been easier to achieve. Click here or call us at (610) 816-6889 today, and let Burkholder’s take you into the future of residential climate control.