Avoid These Mistakes When Programming Your Thermostat

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Avoid These Mistakes When Programming Your Thermostat (1)

If you have a programmable thermostat and haven’t noticed much of savings on your energy bill, you may have made a few slip-ups when programming it. To keep your energy costs low and maintain maximum comfort all year long, make sure to avoid these common mistakes:

Setting the Wrong Temperature

In the winter, we recommend setting the temperature between 64-70 degrees otherwise, the air in your home may feel stuffy. In the summer months, set the temperature to 78 degrees when using the air conditioning for optimal cost savings and energy efficiency.

Frequently Changing the Temperature

Turning the temperature up and down repeatedly when you leave and come home wastes energy. Your programmable thermostat is designed for efficiency. Stick to the recommended temperature setting for each season, and you will see savings on your energy bill.

Turning Off the Thermostat Completely

Do not turn your system off when you leave your home. Your programmable thermostat has a setback feature that allows you to schedule it to turn back on a certain amount of time before you return home. It may take some experimenting and a little reading in your user manual, but you will eventually find the best combination of settings that work for you.

Changing the Temperature Instead of Changing Your Wardrobe

When you are hot or cold, put on a sweater or take off an extra layer of clothing. You will be surprised just how much energy is wasted by turning the thermostat up or down when you could just change your clothing.

Avoiding these mistakes will increase the comfort level in your home and put some money back into your wallet.

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