Two Companies, One Common Goal: Excellence

Burkholder’s HVAC and Elek Plumbing have formed a strategic alliance that is designed to build on the strengths of both companies as they continue to achieve their common goal of excellence.

The two companies are firmly rooted in family values. Both Bob Burkholder and Don Harris are committed to treating their customers fairly and honestly in providing them with unsurpassed service and superior product lines.

Bob learned every aspect of the HVAC business from hands-on experience working closely with his father. In 2000, Bob took on the responsibility of president of the company, bringing fresh ideas and advanced technologies to an already thriving business. The overwhelming success of Burkholder’s HVAC today has been a direct result of his innovative thinking, sharp leadership skills and in-depth knowledge of the industry.

Although Bob has made many positive changes since he took the helm, he remains true to his father’s values. The foundation of Burkholder’s success for more than 50 years has been based on their commitment to unsurpassed customer service, superior product line and commitment to excellence in everything they do.

Don learned everything about Elek Plumbing from the ground up. He began his career working as a licensed plumber for Elek in 19xx and finely-tuned his skills under the family’s direction. The Elek family became keenly aware of Don’s business acumen and knowledge of the industry and encouraged him to take on leadership responsibilities.

Although the business was owned by three generations of the Elek family, when Don offered to purchase the business in 2001 the family agreed that Elek would thrive under his direction and entrusted their family business to him.  He has brought a new energy to the workplace and a renewed commitment to green energy efficiency. The 100-year track record of success built on Elek’s commitment to excellence, has remained Don’s main focus.

The strategic alliance of Burkholder’s HVAC and Elek Plumbing will provide their customers with a full range of products and services from trustworthy allies with a wealth of industry experience.