Harley & Miley Paws for a Moment: Summer Strategy

He said:

When Bob first told me about the strategic alliance I wasn’t sold on the idea of sharing the stage with Miley, but as the weather heats up I’m warming up to her too. Burkholder’s and Elek Plumbing have a lot in common after all, and awesome maintenance agreements are at the top of the list.

You may blame my canine loyalty, but I say Bob’s agreements are the best in the biz. Aside from priority service and energy savings, our maintenance plans come with the most experienced, educated, and reliable technicians out there. Bob’s top-notch team is trained on a weekly basis to keep up with all the latest products and services. And because Bob is dedicated to serving the entire community, our guys are able to work on old models too – in fact, our techs are familiar with all makes and models of HVAC equipment.

Bob’s highly skilled, cross-trained techs perform service in the most efficient way possible, and since labor fees can rack up very quickly with an inexperienced technician, the knowledge of Bob’s team directly saves our customers time and money.  Learn more about our Maintenance Agreements or call (610) 816-6889.

She said:

Now wait there just a minute, Harley. I’ve had my nose to the ground on this and Don’s plumbing maintenance agreement is the best service plan ever made. Don offers VIP members 24-hour emergency response time, or the service charge is free. He also ensures every annual plumbing inspection is truly valuable by sending out only knowledge­able technicians trained to educate customers, helping them recognize emerging plumbing issues and recommending preventative measures to avoid costly calamities.

To make it the most comprehensive offer out there, Don is also including a free video pipe inspection during annual checkups. Plus VIP customers can get the scoop on exclusive product and service discounts by logging on to www.elekservices.com. And, I saved the best for last: for every plumbing maintenance agreement purchased, Don will donate $10 to PA Wounded Warriors.  Beat that Harley!