Three HVAC Heating Tips and Tricks

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We all want to stay warm during the winter. However, very few homes are evenly heated and properly insulated. Let’s check out three heating hacks to help your household stay warm this winter.

1. Here’s How to Insulate Windows Without Looking Tacky

Homes with aluminum foil or insulation in the windows look tacky. You can achieve similar results in your efforts to insulate windows with bubble wrap. Since it’s clear, bubble wrap won’t make your house look tacky to the outside world.

Simply cut a piece of bubble wrap to fit the window you want to insulate. Next, spray water on the windowpane. Place the bubble wrap on the window, and you’re good to go.

2. Fans Can Help Keep You Warm

Many homes have areas that are consistently warmer or colder than the rest. If cold spots are left to sit in houses in the Emmaus area, their temperatures could drop almost as low as outdoor temperatures during winter in frigid Pennsylvania.

Even though fans are almost always used in the spring and summer seasons to cool down, they’re also useful for spreading heat evenly throughout your home. To consistently balance the temperature throughout hot and cold spots, consider hooking up one or more fans in strategic locations. To make it easier on your household, connect a timer to all the fans you set up around your house so that you don’t have to worry about turning them on and off ad nauseam.

3. Don’t Just Use the Heater When You’re Cold

Your HVAC system uses energy to regulate the temperature in your home. According to the law of inertia, objects in motion require less energy to remain in motion than still objects. This law holds true when applied to heat. If you keep your home’s thermostat set to a certain temperature around the clock, then you’ll spend less money heating your house.

However, don’t keep your home’s temperature too high. If you’re trying to conserve energy, try to get warm when you’re cold by using a space heater, wearing more clothes, or exercising.

Staying warm during the winter is difficult. Let our team at Burkholder's Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. help you stay comfortable this winter if you’re still cold after putting these three hacks into action. We provide a range of heating and cooling services. Contact us today for more information.