Paws for a Moment: Keep your system running smoothly!

She Said: Don and his team are hitting the ground running in preparing for 2015’s new energy efficiency standards. As you paw through this issue of Get Smart, be sure to check out the Elek Services product spotlight and coupons to get our inside scoop on the changes taking place. Don’s already started training his staff because it’s critical to use a knowledgeable plumbing professional that is aware of the intricacies of the new laws as water heater size, weight, transportation, cost, and maintenance will all be affected.

Of course Don has also been burning the midnight oil dealing with the inevitable winter plumbing nightmares. If you’ve never had frozen pipes, trust me it’s no walk in the
park. We actually find that most frozen pipe issues don’t come from freezing temperatures alone, rather a culmination of low temperatures, heavy winds and poorly insulated areas. And remember, with a maintenance agreement, Don’s guys perform whole house inspections that could catch issues like this before they become costly disasters.

He Said:
Well, I’ll bark to that! Bob’s always talking about the importance of preparation and preventative maintenance, but in case you’ve been slacking we have a few tips to keep you running smoothly. Home heating can be significantly enhanced through small steps like frequent filter replacement. A clogged filter reduces airflow through your HVAC system and diminishes the output of warm air. Restricted airflow also puts strain on the system, increasing the possibility of failure. Continual running throughout the season pushes many systems past their breaking points, but thankfully there are some great products that can help. Programmable thermostats allow for constant control of your heating system, even if your hectic schedule keeps you away from home. With precise temperature control and flexibility throughout the day, these devices will also keep your energy spending to a minimum. Just remember, the only way to get priority service in an emergency is to be a maintenance agreement customer, so start the New Year off on the right paw and call Bob at
(610) 816-6889 today to get on the VIP list!