Two Companies, One Common Goal: Spectacular Summer Service

As the summer weather begins to flourish, so too does the part­nership between Elek Plumbing and Burkholder’s HVAC. A few months back Bob and Don decid­ed to join forces, and thanks to their shared values and common business models the result is a true success. Together, the guys are able to offer a comprehen­sive product and service lineup aimed at making your life easier ’round the clock and through the seasons.

If there’s one thing plumbing and HVAC systems have in common, it’s that regular check-ups can extend the lifespan of equipment and prevent emergency headaches. With decades of experience between them, Bob and Don agree the best way to provide supe­rior service is through maintenance agreements.

An annual cleaning is a key component of  Burkholder’s AC Precision Tune Up, and a great way to start your summer off on the right track. Bob’s air conditioning agreement includes an annual cleaning, inspection, and servicing of your AC system plus numer­ous other advantages that make the plans pay for themselves in no time. Extended equipment longevity and improved performance can account for a 15 percent savings on energy costs each year. Plus, customers with maintenance agreements are offered 24 hour emergency service with no overtime rates. “We treat our mainte­nance customers like priority customers,” says Bob. “During a heat wave we get to them and their troubles first.”

Don is also doing his part to prolong the life of your plumbing system this summer while contributing to a cause near to his heart. Now through September 1, Don is offering Elek Plumbings annual maintenance agreements for only $99.95 – that’s a $100 discount off the regular cost! And for every agreement sold he will donate $10 to PA Wounded Warriors.

Elek Plumbing’s maintenance agreements are designed to provide peace of mind and immediate savings, all while preventing po­tentially costly plumbing problems down the road. And, just like Bob, Don treats his maintenance customers like VIPs. With a 10% discount on all plumbing service calls year-round and no overtime rates on after-hours calls, Elek Plumbing maintenance agreements are a no brainer.

All the best,
Don Harris & Robert C. Burkholder