Have you ever heard a traveler say that it was over 100º on their vacation, but it didn’t feel that hot because it was “dry heat?”  The statement is actually true and has little to do with the number of margaritas consumed.

Dehumidifiers will keep your home or office cooler by removing excess moisture from the air. In the summer and fall relative humidity should be less than 50%. In the summer, even with outdoor humidity hovering around the single digits, I’ve found that the relative humidity tends to be around 40%. People seem to feel most comfortable with humidity levels ranging from 35-45%.

Relative humidity that is too high not only makes the air seem warmer, it also leads to mold, mildew and bacterial growth along with the proliferation of dust mites throughout the home.  Excess moisture in the air may also cause damage to wood, causing it to warp. Windows and doors may become difficult to open and not fit correctly in frames causing jams.  Many times wallpaper and paintings begin to peel as humidity increases causing additional damage to the home’s interior. And the musty odor is something most people would prefer to do without.

There are serious health risks associated with people who are exposed to mold and mildew on a long-term basis. Some individuals who are allergic to dust mites have found that their allergies lessen when a dehumidifier is introduced into their environment. For those suffering from asthma, breathing conditions may improve with the use of a dehumidifier.

Ventilating dehumidifiers are your best bet in removing excess moisture from the air. The equipment pulls the air into the unit, collects the moisture in a removable pan and disburses the moisture-free air back into the room .The portability of dehumidifiers makes them ideal for homes with damp areas since the unit may be moved to wherever the problem exists.

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Bob Burkholder
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