Harley & Miley Paws for a Moment: Ugly Heater Contest

He said:

It’s hard to believe how quickly summer has come and gone (kind of like my last milk bone), but nonetheless fall is here with winter right at its heels. This is the time of year when Bob constantly talks about the importance of winter preparation and heater maintenance. He tells everyone that no matter what type of system they have, clean and properly adjusted heating equipment reduces energy costs and prolongs lifespan.

Without an annual cleaning and inspection, a system can wear out quickly, emit harmful fumes like carbon monoxide or simply stop working.  I’ve even heard of birds building nests in chimneys, so it’s best to have everything checked and cleaned to ensure there are no blockages before the winter strikes.

In all my years with Bob, I’ve seen some really scary looking old heaters. Luckily for those of you out there with these hideous heaters, Bob and my new pal Don are inviting you to share a photo of your unsightly equipment in the Ugly Heater Contest, and enter for a chance to win a weekend getaway!

She said:

No Harley don’t forget, folks with an ugly water heater are invited to enter too!  I know how important water heaters are because my family loves hot showers, but lots of people don’t think about maintenance until they’re caught in the cold.  Don is always trying to help people prevent system system leaks and costly breakdowns through annual maintenance agreements.  Regular servicing upholds performance, reduces energy usage and improves longevity – but it can’t make an ugly water heater pretty!

If you or someone you know is the owner of a ugly heater or water heater, visit our website and send us a photo.  Bob and Don will then vote for the ugliest of the bunch and the lucky winner will win a luxury stay at Sands Casino!

Check it out the Ugly Heater Contest!