Customer Highlight: Joseph Gehringer

When Joseph Gehringer began conducting research for his oil to gas conversion, the Burkholder’s name crossed his path several times. “I was actually at a plumbing supply house and asked some people there for a HVAC company recommendation, and Burkholder’s was one of the names that stuck out,” he says.

Joseph and his wife Madeline were fed up with the heating costs of the old oil burner in their Pennsburg home.

“We used to keep the heat set real low and just use space heaters in each room because the cost of electricity was much lower than the oil,” Joseph says. But last June, Joseph decided it was time for a change.

The Burkholder’s team swapped out the Gehringer’s old oil burner for a Lochinvar natural gas boiler, along with a Honeywell thermostat and an Aprilaire dehumidifier, and according to Joseph the results have been “amazing.”

“There’s a tremendous difference,” says Joseph. Even in the bitter cold of last winter, the Gehringers kept their thermostat set at 70 degrees (much higher than what they’re used to), and experienced at least a 50% re-duction in energy costs. On top of the savings, they also gained increased comfort with constant temperatures and noisiness. “We used to hear a loud rumble every time our oil burner kicked on, but this system is silent,” says Joseph. “You don’t hear a thing!”

Next time he needs some work done Joseph will definitely be calling Burkholder’s. With a warmer house, a cheaper energy bill, and a sleek, silent piece of equipment, Joseph couldn’t be happier. “The team and the work they did were extremely professional,” he says. “Whatever I need, I know I can pick up the phone and the guys will be there.”