Schlage LiNK security

As the days get shorter and Labor Day passes, back to school season is in the air.  Aside from stocking up on notebooks and pencils, it’s a great time for parents to make sure their kids are as safe as they are ready.  I recently learned about a remote lock that gives you the ability to lock and unlock your home from anywhere at any time, and I immediately thought of the power and protection this offers parents.

I don’t know about you, but I worry that when kids come home from school they might not always remember to lock the door right behind them.  Or what if they forget their keys one day and are stuck out on the stoop?  Schlage LiNK allows you to maintain control of your home with nothing more than internet access.

Whether you’re using a cell phone or iPad, at a restaurant or the gym, it makes no difference- you now have the power to lock and unlock your door, see who’s come home and even change access codes.  The codes are an additional feature of LiNK, which brings the convenience of a car door key pad to your front door.  Now, you and your kids can get in with nothing more than an easy-to-remember code of your choice.

What’s really important and what makes this remote locking system great is that it is a truly perfect combination of convenience, safety, and simplicity.  Aside from a modern design and choice of three different finishes, the LiNK Deadbolts offer an anti-pick shield, a patented design that prevents kick-ins, and a lighted keypad for easy nighttime use.  Despite the technological complexity of the system, Schlage’s top priority is to ensure a simple user experience.  So, if Googling is your technological specialty, you can still manage your remote lock without a hitch!

Here at Burkholder’s, we’re always ready to lend a helping hand or simply answer questions.  Give us a call or click here to learn more about the LiNK, and see how easy it is to protect your home (and family) with just a few clicks.

All the Best,
Bob Burkholder
Burkholder’s HVAC