How to Save Money on Your Heating Bill

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Has your heating bill skyrocketed this winter? If it has, you are not alone. Nobody likes being cold, and it is costly to stay warm throughout the chilly winter months.

These 6 tips will keep you warm while saving money:

Lower Your Thermostat

Lowering your thermostat when you are not home is important when it comes to reducing utility costs. Don’t forget to lower your water heater thermostat as well! If you lower your water heater thermostat from 140 degrees to about 120 degrees, then you can save money without a significant difference in water temperature.

Purchase a Programmable Thermostat

The cost of a programmable thermostat starts at about $20, and it can save 10-20% on your monthly energy bill. To save money, program your thermostat to lower the temperature when you are at work, sleeping or out of town. However, if you are going out of town, make sure to keep the temperature above 55 degrees.

Do Not Block Radiators or Vents

Make sure that you don’t have any furniture blocking your vents or radiators so that the heat can escape keeping your house at a comfortable temperature. This will prevent your furnace from overworking, and it will keep you safe!

Change Air Filters

Air filters should be cleaned or replaced every few months to allow heat to flow effortlessly from your furnace to your air ducts.

Seal and Insulate Heating Ducts

Did you know you can lose up to 60% of the heated air before it reaches the atmosphere if it travels through ducts that are not insulated? Insulating and sealing your ducts can cost about $10 or more. To seal your ducts, you can use a sealant or metallic tape. Special duct insulation can help you save 10% or more on your heating bill.

Use a Humidifier

Humidifiers keep the air in your house moist, and moist air retains heat better than dry air. Not only does having a humidifier decrease your heating bills, but it also prevents dry skin. A humidifier costs as low as $30 and up.

Contact us today to ensure that your furnace isn’t working overtime. Burkholder’s Heating & Air Conditioning would be happy to help with giving price estimates for programmable thermostats, changing air filters, sealing and insulating heating ducts, or installing humidifiers to help you save money on your heating bill.