What Can A Loud Noise Mean Coming from a Furnace?

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What Can A Loud Noise Mean Coming from a Furnace

Have you been hearing loud noises coming from your furnace lately? Are the noises giving you sleepless nights? Furnaces make strange sounds if a malfunction has occurred. This article will outline what these loud furnace noises mean and how to fix them. If your furnace repair seems urgent, contact a professional.

Clicking noises

Clicking noises that occur repeatedly may indicate that the ignition system of your furnace has a problem. The spark igniter may be trying to ignite the pilot light but it can’t, meaning that your furnace will not start. To find out if your furnace has issues due to the ignition switch malfunction, you need to know if it has an electric ignition or a pilot light. Consider lighting the pilot and observing its ignition process to ensure it functions normally. Contact experts to help you if you are not comfortable doing it yourself.

Banging, rattling and popping noises

These forms of sounds often indicate that your furnace’s motor, blower assembly of furnace burner has issues. When you hear thunderous banging sounds, consider shutting your entire heating system off. The chances are that something got disconnected or broken. Rattling may mean that there is a component in the system that is loose. Consider repairing the component before it disconnects completely.

If you hear a banging noise whenever your furnace is turned on and no hot air is emitted, the problem could be dirty furnace burners. Never ignore this noise because it can crack the heat exchanger in your furnace and you will have to buy another furnace. When you hear a loud sound when the furnace is on but you can’t really confirm if it’s coming from the furnace, the problem may be air ducts that are contracting and expanding. This is caused by closed vents, clogged air filter, or undersized ducts.

Seek professional help for Furnace Repair

If you are having such problems, consider contacting a professional. Burkholder’s is your best home comfort pro that specializes in air conditioning, heating, and air quality services. We offer services in Allentown, Bethlehem, Emmaus, and surrounding areas. Our technicians will diagnose the problem your furnace has and repair it. If you need emergency furnace repair we have you covered. We also provide maintenance services even if we didn’t install your furnace. Contact us today!