3 Ways to Reduce Commercial Heating Repairs

For commercial property owners in Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment come in handy in maintaining proper working environments. For commercial HVAC equipment, regular maintenance and tune-ups are highly necessary. They keep the systems functioning efficiently and effectively. This is mainly because conducting repair works on such equipment can be expensive. Here are three ways to reduce commercial HVAC repairs in your business.

1. Do Not Strain Your Equipment

One of the leading causes of commercial HVAC system failures and breakdowns is overworking the equipment. Whereas the HVAC system is necessary for keeping safe working conditions for workers, your business needs to leverage additional measures to achieve proper air conditioning. Having large windows and doors for your commercial premises ensures that you do not entirely rely on and overwork the HVAC equipment.

2. Changing Your HVAC Air Filters

The condition of the air filters in your HVAC equipment can easily determine if your equipment will need frequent repairs or not. Once your air filters get clogged with tiny particles of dust and other organic matter, they are rendered ineffective in delivering the desired air quality. Besides, they also impair the smooth flow of air within the commercial HVAC ductwork. This may cause the pumps to work excessively hard, thereby increasing the risk of a breakdown. The cost of replacing an air filter is much smaller as compared to the cost of conducting a comprehensive HVAC equipment repair.

3. Scheduling Preventive Maintenance

Commercial HVAC equipment often requires preventive maintenance to help identify any slight issues that may culminate in bigger ones. During such preventive commercial HVAC maintenance work, the technicians will complete standard and custom inspections on the entire HVAC equipment. Such a maintenance inspection is crucial in pointing out potential flaws, such as cracked pipes, faulty seals, and pipes whose insulation is peeling off.

4. How Can We Help?

At the Burkholder’s Heating and Air Conditioning, we specialize in the provision of various commercial HVAC services in Lehigh Valley, PA, including installation, inspection, maintenance and tune-ups of HVAC equipment to ensure it functions just right. This is the first step towards cushioning you from the excess costs of conducting repairs on your commercial heating equipment. Reach out to us today.