New Product – Fujitsu Minisplit: Smooth Sailing from Season to Season

This summer is a great time to upgrade your home cooling equipment with Burkholder’s Ductless Mini Split. Like conventional heating and cooling systems, the Fujitsu Mini Split heat pump features a compressor and condenser unit outside of the home. But what makes this system so unique is that it is an efficient and effective solution for both summer and winter heating and cooling needs. To put it simply, the Mini Split is a petite central air unit with the ability to not only cool but heat one or more rooms.

Unlike its competition, the Fujitsu Halcyon system does not require duct work or cumbersome evaporator units. Through the use of thin copper tubing, refrigerant is funneled directly from wall and ceiling units to the indoor and outdoor condensing units. This process significantly reduces the disruption caused by installation, and it also provides a more quiet heating and cooling solution.

As efficiency continues to become an ever important topic, mini splits continue to make more and more sense. Rather than heating or cooling your entire home, the mini split gives you the opportunity to heat or cool only specific rooms within your home. It also makes for much easier installations than traditional central air units. Give Burkholder’s HVAC a call at 610-965-0736 to learn more about the Fujitsu Mini Split and the energy savings and rebates you could earn!