Air Purifiers vs Plants

Plants and air purification You may be surprised to find out how many contaminants are actually in the air around you. There are many pollutants that are probably in your household air, including secondhand smoke, asbestosis, dust mites, airborne viruses, and other noxious chemicals. These are just a few of the dangers that people face every day, especially people do not understand how to properly clean the air around them.

The Power of the Plant

Many people will have plants in their homes even though they do not understand the purifying nature of plants. Besides offering a bit of decor, houseplants also help to clean the air naturally.

Even those who understand the nature of the houseplant does not understand its limitations. Houseplants can definitely help your indoor air quality, but they have a limit. Are you really getting the clean air that you deserve in your home?

Yes, plants are inexpensive, and they can definitely improve the decor in a home. However, plant care can become difficult in an environment that has dirty air. In cases like this, getting an air purifier is usually the better option.

Air Purifiers vs. Plants

Air purifiers have a wider coverage area than plants, and they also provide a more consistent level of air purification. If an air purifier ever malfunctions, it is usually protected by a manufacturer’s warranty.

On the other side, air purifiers actually cost money in the form of energy to clean your air. You must also be sure that you are getting a purifier that does what it says it will do on the packaging.

Make sure that you do not invest in an air purifier that has any ozone admission. This can actually harm your lungs, and it does nothing for the quality of your indoor air.

The Best Solution

One of the best solutions is to combine plants and air purifiers. You should also have access to technicians who understand how to repair and maintain air purifiers. With both of these solutions in place, you can save money and have the cleanest indoor air possible for your home.

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