Hi-Tech Flu Protection: Using UV Light in Your HVAC at the Office

Influenza, or the “flu”, is a common viral illness that spreads between people. Flu season is from October through March, and infection with an influenza virus can cause serious illness in many people. Office settings provide an easy place for this respiratory virus to move from person to person. Read on to learn how to use UV light in your Lehigh Valley, PA, commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning system.

Know How Flu Spreads in Offices

When somebody in your office coughs or sneezes, they spray respiratory droplets into the air. If they’ve recently been infected with an influenza virus, their droplets will contain millions of virus particles. When other people take a breath, some of those virus particles get into their nasal passages and lungs where they can cause a new infection. In an office space where people sit just a few feet apart, one person could spread his influenza infection to dozens of his coworkers.

Halt Influenza Spread

Influenza viruses can remain infectious for several days when a droplet lands on a hard surface, such as a doorknob, table or light switch. If a droplet laden with influenza viruses gets into your commercial heating and cooling system, the UV-C light shining on the coils, drain pan and condensate line prevents it from surviving. The next time the system cycles, it won’t be blowing those droplets back into your work areas.

Return Clean Air

UV-C sterilizes air entering your office’s return vents. It inactivates bacteria and viruses, including the influenza A and B viruses that make people ill. Because air conditioning systems recycle the air, the cooled and dehumidified air going back into your office space will not have any infectious virus particles in it.

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