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how a boiler works

The wood stoves and coal ran boilers are what kept many warm several hundred years ago. However, a boiler system has come a long way. Gas is a clean, efficient way to warm your home during the coldest parts of winter.

Boilers Burn Blue

Natural gas used to fuel your gas boiler burns blue when healthy. However, if you ever notice it shifting to a sickly colored yellow, it is a warning sign that the gas boiler is releasing dangerous carbon monoxide. Everyone should have a carbon monoxide detector if they own gas appliances. Boiler maintenance keeps your appliance healthy while also protecting and offering safety to those using the warmth.

Boilers come in both gas boiler and oil boiler.  It depends on the boiler system you prefer or how your home is set up. A boiler is the essential part of your boiler system and needs to remain healthy for the combustion to happen and provide you heat.

Oiled-Fired Option

The three primary ways an oil-fired boiler system heats your home are :

  1. Warm air through ventilation systems.
  2. Hot water then runs through your floorboards that heats your home from the floor up.
  3. Steam that radiates from your radiator.

Your thermostat will register the temperature you set it at, meaning, it senses when you need heat and the oil burner is engaged. The heated air mixed with a fine mist and injected into your burner where it becomes combustible.

Bothered Boiler

The best practice is to service your boiler system once a year. Valves and gauges are easy to read yourself. However, boiler maintenance is best done by a technician. It is especially true if you see that a valve is rusted, the gauge reads pressure and water is low, or you know it is not working optimally.

Boiler replacement, boiler repair, and boiler maintenance are hard for anyone to do on their own.  We at Burkholder’s Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc., Emmaus, PA, pride ourselves in being up-to-date on the newest of technologies and look forward to growing our long-term family of customers.