Why Is My Furnace Blowing Cold Air?

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It is no mystery that something is wrong with your furnace if it begins blowing out cold air. Before you panic, though, and assume your furnace is dead, take a little time to see if one of these problems is causing the issue.

1. The Thermostat Is Set to “On”

Your furnace might be blowing out cold air because it’s technically not even on. If your thermostat is set to the “On” setting, then the fan will run even when your furnace’s burner is not lit. This means that the fan will create airflow, but the air won’t be warm.

2. Your Pilot Light Went Out

The pilot light that ignites your furnace can occasionally go out. Excessive dust or a draft of air can sometimes be the culprit.

All you have to do is light the pilot once again or have a professional do it. Safety is important when you do this as you’ll be working with fire and gas.

3. Your Fuel Supply Is Empty

If you run your furnace on a stored supply of propane or oil, you might be unaware when it runs out. This means it will no longer fuel your furnace, but your fan will still run.

4. The Air Filter in Your Furnace Is Filthy

It’s important to clean or replace the air filter once every few months.

If you ignore your air filter for a long time, it can become so dirty that it restricts airflow from your furnace into the air ducts. You might think that your furnace has stopped working completely.

All of these problems can be remedied easily, either by yourself or with the help of a professional. If you’re looking for trusted HVAC professionals, contact Burkholder's Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. for a team that provides proven, reputable work. We’re known throughout Emmaus, PA, and the surrounding areas for providing reliable heating and cooling services. We can handle repairs, installations, and maintenance jobs.