Say Goodbye to Hot and Cold Spots

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Are hot and cold spots preventing you from enjoying indoor comfort?

If the temperature in your home is becoming less predictable, and you feel like some rooms are hot while others are cold, it is time to find the underlying cause and fix it. Not only do hot and cold spots produce a less than comfortable indoor environment it may also mean your system is not running efficiently, resulting in higher energy bills.

The most common causes of home hot and cold spots are:

Closed Vents and Registers. HVAC systems output the same amount of airflow at all times. If you close off the vents and registers, you block the airflow which can lead to serious problems. Make sure that all of your vents and registers are not blocked. Check around your furniture, drapes, rugs, and items that could be cause blockage.

Dirty Air Filters. Replacing your air filter can also improve the airflow in your home. We recommend checking it once a month and keeping a back up on hand to replace it when necessary.

Ductwork Leaks. If you notice leaks in your ductwork, do not try to repair them with duct tape. It does not adequately seal the duct joints. The best solution to seal your ducts for more comfort and energy efficiency is to call a professional.

Thermostat Location. Make sure your thermostat is in the right location and away from all heat sources and drafts such as fireplaces, lamps, and heat producing appliances.

Design. Depending on the layout of your home and if you have had made any recent renovations, you may discover one or more areas of your home doesn’t receive the proper airflow. In this case, the best solution is to install a ductless mini-split unit. They can provide “zone” heating and cooling for your home.

Insulation. Proper insulation works to keep our homes warm in winter and cool in the summer, but certain areas of your home may require more. Over time, insulation breaks down, especially in older homes and should be replaced.

Home and Duct Performance Test

A home and duct performance test is a great way to pinpoint what needs to be done in your home to make it as comfortable as possible while keeping its energy efficient.

Burkholder’s HVAC offers a home and duct performance test. During the test, our comfort experts will walk through your home to uncover the reason for these hot and cold spots. No matter what the problem is, our experts will provide you with recommendations on how to remedy the issue.

If you are interested in learning more about our home duct and performance test and scheduling an appointment, check out our website.