Spring Cleaning Your Ductwork

Spring is a beautiful time of the year with trees budding and flowers blooming, but it also brings along pollen that greatly affects indoor air quality. Pollen can travel inside through open doors and windows and end up in the ductwork that circulates and cools air in your home. Pollen isn’t the only factor contributing to dirty ductwork. Dander from pets, dust mites, bacteria and mold may also accumulate, lowering your system’s energy efficiency and decreasing air quality. Allergy and asthma sufferers may benefit greatly from having ductwork cleaned and everyone can improve their quality of life by avoiding air contamination.

Along with health benefits, clean ductwork also increases the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems, resulting in lower energy costs. You’re bound to see our “Attack of the Dirty Ductwork” trailer traveling throughout the Lehigh Valley. It contains our Rotobrush system, designed to clean even the most complex systems. It’s the only cleaning system that sweeps and vacuums at the point of contact.  This technology eliminates the need for harsh chemical sealers, and the built-in HEPA filtration system prevents contamination and keeps your home clean while our team is at work. A flexible camera unit takes before and after photos of your ductwork, allowing you to see the amazing results.

If you’d like to enjoy the benefits of improved air quality, call us at (610) 816-6889 or click to schedule an appointment. We’re offering free air conditioning maintenance to everyone who schedules a duct cleaning appointment before June 1, 2013.