From the Ground Up Carrier® Geothermal Comfort System

Eric Blew, a resident of Orefield, has always thought “green.” When he designed and built his custom home 25 years ago, he researched geothermal systems, but the technology was not as efficient as it is today and there were no local companies doing installations and service. At that time, he chose hydrokinetic heat pumps that used hot water stored at off-peak hours to reduce his energy costs. Two years ago, Eric decided to revisit his original plan and replace his heat pump system with geothermal. A customer of Burkholder’s for 25 years, he contacted them for an estimate on geothermal options. “I was comfortable with their recommendations, competitive prices and proven track record,” says Eric.

Burkholder’s replaced the two heat pumps that were located on different levels of Blew’s home with Carrier® Geothermal Comfort Systems. The primary units, a compressor and multi-fan, were installed in the basement with a ceiling fan in the attic. “With geothermal, it’s environmentally friendly in more ways than one,” Eric adds.  “My electric back-up saves money and electricity and there is no noise. I can enjoy peace and quiet in my home.” With quiet fans constantly circulating, it takes less time to heat or cool, creating the most efficient use of energy.

“The geothermal units pay for themselves. There are many ways to impact savings positively,” he says.  He took advantage of tax credits, enjoys savings on electricity with no oil or gas backup, and there is little or no maintenance required. In the summertime, he uses his system to supplement his water heater.  “My back-up is coming out of the ground and my geothermal system has a 20-25 year life expectancy.”

Eric is confident that he can always depend on Burkholder’s and appreciates the assistance he received after the installation. “My geothermal system was installed two years ago, yet I can still pick-up the phone and call Dave Wieder if I have a question,” he says. Dave, Burkholder’s vice-president, has been with Burkholder’s for 37 years. “It speaks well for a company to have employees with longevity,” Eric says. “It says a lot about an employer and its employees.”

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