How to Avoid Jaw-Dropping Freon Prices

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If your air conditioner runs on R-22 refrigerant and isn’t keeping up with the heat, it may have a leak—or it may need service and a recharge. When you discover how much that re-charge costs, though, you might just decide to sweat it out. A full recharge can set you back 20 to 25 percent the cost of a new system. Depending on your situation, it might be best to put that money toward a high-efficiency HVAC upgrade, instead.

Why Is R-22 Being Phased Out?

About 30 years ago, the EPA announced R-22’s phase-out due to its ozone-depleting effects. Production of R-22 systems halted in 2010, and the coolant stopped being produced in 2020. R-410a systems are the best alternative for AC applications, and Burkholder’s specializes in their installation and repair.

What Can You Do About the R-22 Phase-Out?

Pay the price. If refrigerant levels are low, there’s a problem with your AC system. If you opt to stick with R-22, you’ll need to pay for a leak search, system repair and the cost of replacement refrigerant.

Invest in system replacement. Burkholder’s can typically use your existing ductwork and wiring, upgrading only the indoor and outdoor units. Before you’ve invested in system replacement, ask us about conducting a pressure test to ensure duct and filtration systems aren’t creating high static pressure—which constricts airflow and lowers system efficiency.

Enjoy economical efficiency. Choosing a new, ENERGY STAR®-qualified HVAC system is often the best choice for residents with aging mechanical equipment. Older AC units underperform and cost more to run, so Burkholder’s carries a comprehensive range of high-efficiency air conditioning systems that keep up with the Lehigh Valley heat and use less energy. Over time, the money saved on utilities can help defray the cost of your new system.

Get the Answers You Need

Burkholder’s is happy to answer “repair or replace” questions while optimizing your comfort and energy savings. Trust our experts for honest advice without the upsell. Before the R-22 phase-out catches you off-guard, ask my team of home comfort specialists about a free AC estimate.

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