This August was the wettest month on record and there was certainly no lack of humidity.  While times like these often cause people to wish for the dry heat they have out west, the truth is that humidity is beneficial, especially come winter time.

When the seasons change and we kick up the temperature on our thermostats, the heat coming through the vents can be dry enough to actually pose a threat to you and your home.  A low humidity level in your home can actually cause everything from chipped paint and cracked furniture, to dry skin and sore throats.  What really came as a shock to me is that a home without sufficient moisture can actually nurture viruses, and weaken your resistance to infection.  A subpar immune system and tough germs is a bad combination if I’ve ever heard one.

Whole-home humidifiers can be easily added to existing heating and cooling systems.  All it really takes is a water distribution tray or box that infuses mist into the airflow before it’s distributed through your duct network.  Homeowners, who have a de-humidifier in their basement, are sometimes initially concerned that their home may become overly damp, but whole-home humidifiers tackle this potential issue by continually monitoring moisture levels.  That’s the real beauty of these systems, and the reason why portable humidifiers can’t compare.

Aside from the comfort and health benefits, whole-home humidifiers actually lower your heating costs.  Just as it feels hotter than the real temperature on a humid summer day, your home will seem warmer than it actually is with a sufficient amount of moisture in the air.  A moist 68 degrees feels warmer than a dry 75 degrees, and that seemingly small difference on your thermostat will have a big impact on your wallet.  In fact, you will save about 4% on your energy bill for every degree you lower your thermostat! Contact us or give us a call today and find out more about installing a humidifier and saving energy.

All the best,
Bob Burkholder
Burkholder’s HVAC