Customer Testimonial: Dorothy & Rich Wambold

Fed up with their soggy basement, Dorothy & Rich Wambold decided to take action. “I came across the name of another well-known local plumbing company and had them come out for a quote,” says Rich. “The figure nearly knocked me off my chair so in the meantime I began looking elsewhere,” he says.

Rich spoke with his cousin who had also recently faced plumbing pains, and learned that he too had gotten a quote from the same expensive competitor. “My cousin told me to forget them and give Elek a call, so that’s what I did,” says Rich. “It turns out that Elek’s estimate for the same job was nearly $4,000 less than the other company.”

Because Rich’s plumbing issue was complicated one, a few different solutions were attempted to fix the flooding. “It turns out that I really just needed to install a sump pump,” says Rich. “I tried to avoid it, but my only regret is not listening to the guys and doing it sooner.”

The water finally ceased when Elek Plumbing’s technicians installed the Base Products sump pump.

“It’s only been a couple months, but we couldn’t be happier,” says Rich. Even Rich’s mom is enjoying the reliability and peace of mind. “My mom can’t get over how awesome it is,” says Rich, “she never thought she’d be able to not worry about going downstairs and checking for flooding.”

Coupled with his praise for the work is Rich’s admiration for the Elek technicians. “The guys were out to my house three or four different times, and they were always really great,” he says. “I’d recommend them to anyone, and I will definitely be calling them back next time I need a plumber.”