Customer Highlight: Sam Ruhdy

Sam is originally from Wichita, Kansas but after 46 years in the Lehigh Valley area he knows that Burkholder’s and Elek Plumbing are names to be trusted. Sam has had his fair share of plumbing issues over the past couple years, and he’s extremely grateful for his plumbing maintenance agreement and priority service.

“I recently had a leak in my ceiling between my dining room and kitchen walls, and thanks to my plumbing main­tenance agreement they came right out and fixed the leak right away,” says Sam. “It was clear that they put me at the top of the list.”

From water heater and water soft­ener installations to shower repairs and emergency leaks, Sam trusts the team at Elek Plumbing and is very happy to be a maintenance customer. “All their work is excellent,” says Sam. “I’ve worked with a couple of technicians, Kevin and James, and they were both very efficient and very professional.”

And Sam knows good, hard work when he sees it. Over the years, Sam has gained a diverse portfolio of experience from extermination to factory work, and then as an employee at Walmart. He retired from the retail king a few years ago and is now enjoying retirement with his wife, Cathy. Together, Sam and Cathy have a son Jason and three grandkids – who visit a few days every week.

“I’m sitting here with my feet up enjoy­ing retirement,” says Sam. And thanks to the VIP treatment and discounted rates offered by his Elek Plumbing mainte­nance agreement, even a leak doesn’t spoil his optimistic outlook!