How to Reduce Energy Costs on Aging Air Conditioning Units

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how to reduce costs on aging air conditioning units

Your aging air conditioning system can hike your utility bills considerably. The energy costs for older HVAC systems are also more pronounced compared to new and modern systems due to the energy efficiency requirements put in place by government regulations.

How can you reduce energy costs for an older AC unit? With the help of a few tips, you will be able to keep your system’s energy consumption to the minimum and still keep your house at your desired temperature.

Keep an Eye on the Air Filters

Ensure that you change out your unit’s filters once a month, or as the need arises. It doesn’t hurt to check the filters frequently to see if they’re dirty. Dust, pollen, and other airborne debris clog the filter and prohibit your AC system from taking in air as efficiently. Simply staying on top of your air filters can help lower your HVAC bills significantly.

Read Your Owner’s Manual

Your air conditioner’s owner’s manual often contains helpful tips on how you can improve the efficiency of your system. If you follow the provisions carefully, you will not only improve the durability of your HVAC system but also cut down the energy costs. If you cannot find your manual, you can usually download one from the manufacturer’s site.

Create Natural Shades

Planting trees in your yard have been found to contribute to the lowering of your utility bills significantly. The trees will provide natural shades that will prevent the absorption of excessive heat into your house and will contribute to the lowering of the cost of running your AC unit.

Perform Regular Maintenance Procedures

Your aging HVAC system will require more maintenance procedures than newer systems. Regular maintenance includes things you can do yourself, like replacing your air filter, but also involves items that should be performed by an AC technician.

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