Customer Testimonial: Bob & Julie Dadette

Bob and Julie Dadetto have been living in their Easton home for about 35 years, but when their air conditioner plunked out in the thick of summer last year they weren’t immediately sure where to turn. They knew it was time for an upgrade and wanted good advice from a trusted source, so they elected to register for Angie’s List.

“I saw Burkholder’s on the site and decided to give them a call based on what people said,” says Bob. From the moment Bob made that first call, he’s been nothing but happy with the results. “They answered my call right away, set up my appointment right away, and came out right away – we were real happy,” he says.

Dave Wieder came out to do the Dadetto’s inspection and estimate, and was coinciden­tally able to offer first-hand experience on top of expert insight. Bob and Julie’s issue was the cooling and heating in the exten­sion on their home – and Dave ironically has a very similiar room in his home.

“We had an in-wall AC unit and electric baseboard heat, so we were looking for a solution to cover both cooling and heating,” says Bob. “Dave sat with us to explain our options in detail, and shared his own personal experience.” With Dave’s help, the Dadetto’s decided to move forward with installation of a Samsung fan coil and mini heat pump.

“When I called Dave to schedule our instal­lation appointment he was upfront and honest that they were a little backed up, but would do the best he could,” says Bob. “Next thing I know, the guys were out to see us – earlier than what Dave had promised. That made us real, real happy.”

After living with their new equipment for a full year, the Dadettos are very pleased in terms of both comfort and energy savings. “As bad as the winter was the equipment did a great job keeping our extension warm and kept heating costs down, and we were real happy with the AC performance last summer too,” says Bob.

Bob, a retired special education school teacher, and Julie, an LPN retired from Hunterdon Developmental Center, have two grown kids and are now enjoying the peace, quiet and comfort of retirement. With his feet up and the AC on, Bob has nothing but praise for his new equipment, and the team that installed it.