Conforto Oil-Fired Warm Air Furnaces

The Conforto oil-fired warm air furnace is the first oil-fired furnace in North America to receive the Energy-Star® certification at all firing rates. The furnace has achieved an annual efficiency rating of 86-95.8 percent and could also help you save up to 40 percent on heating oil consumption. All the statistics add up to maximum savings using minimum energy while keeping you comfortable all winter long.

The furnace provides more even, stable heat than its competitors and responds most quickly to adjustments in the thermostat. While you’re saving money, you’ll also be earth-friendly. The Conforto oil-fired furnace causes no damage to the environment.

Burkholder’s highly recommends this high performance, economical furnace to our customers who choose to use oil. If you’re interested in learning more details about the appliance, please contact us at (610) 816-6889.