Burkholder’s HVAC helps The Walter’s Breathe easier while saving them money on their HVAC costs

Joel and Lynn Walters just can’t say enough about Burkholder’s. Last June when the Coopersburg couple was looking for a central air and heating system they contacted Burkholder’s and another HVAC company for an estimate on the project.

Dave Weider went to the couple’s home to meet with them. “Dave was very professional and courteous,” says Joel. “He chatted with me first and made me feel like I was important. He asked all the right questions to make sure we got the system we needed,” he adds.

The meeting with Dave was a stark contrast compared to the other HVAC company who just wanted to give them a price and move on. “Even if Burkholder’s quote would have been more expensive, we would’ve chosen them because of the wonderful people we met throughout the process,” says Joel.

The couple also met with Justin Zelinsky who designed the system. He made them feel comfortable and they knew he had their best interests in mind. The Walters were impressed with the Burkholder’s team throughout the process “When the service technicians installed the equipment they left no mess. They were clean and respectful and explained exactly what they were going to do,” says Lynn.

The Walters were very pleased that the installation only took a day and a half. “Although Burkholder’s installed the system during the hottest days last summer, the service technicians were always pleasant and never complained.”  Joel was impressed with the kindness of the technicians, even when it came to dealing with their sight-impaired dog, Leo.

After speaking with Justin, the Walters chose to have an air filtration system installed. Joel, who has some breathing complications, says that the system has made it easier for him to breathe by removing dander and pollutants from the air.

The Walters are breathing easier in many ways. Their electricity budget plan dropped $80 a month, a savings of $960 a year over operating their previous electric baseboard heat and room air conditioners.

Joel and Lynn would highly recommend Burkholder’s to anyone in need of HVAC services.