How Candles Affect Indoor Air Quality

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how candles affect indoor air quality

Most people love candles because they add to the warmth and atmosphere of a home. However, not all candles are good for you. Some of those candles that you love burning, contribute to indoor air pollution problem since they emit matter into the air.

Medical experts who study the effects of commercial chemicals used to manufacture candles on the human body say that most of the scented chemicals play a large part in indoor air pollution. Sensitive individuals may already know the fact that certain types of candles cause serious health issues. They may lead to irritations in the respiration tract and difficulty breathing.

Candles and Indoor Air Quality

Candle pollution not only discolors your ceilings, walls, and other contents in your home but it also contaminates your ventilation system’s ductwork. This problem is highly evident among ducts constructed from fiberglass. And in most cases, the paraffin-based and scented candles are the biggest culprits. A significant number of candles in the market today are manufactured from 100 percent paraffin wax or a pure blend of paraffin and other types of waxes.

Remember the fact that paraffin is a major component of petroleum and when burnt; they release a wide range of carcinogenic toxins such as toluene, acrolein, benzene, soot, and acetaldehyde in the air. The smoke from the candles will also stain your walls if you are not careful. It is the same smoke that will travel to other rooms within your house and cause severe irritation of the lungs.

You may also experience prolonged coughing spells when you inhale smoke from a candle. In some cases, you may find it extremely difficult to breathe when you are exposed to the various types of candle smoke. In most cases, the matches will cause other types of chemicals and contaminants to filter through the fresh air.

Scented Candles may Also Trigger Allergic Reactions

Some of the common symptoms of allergic reactions triggered by scented candle smoke include:

  • Itchy and watery eyes
  • Blocked nasal passages
  • Severe headaches
  • Asthma-like complications
  • Prolonged skin irritations

If you notice that your light-colored fabrics are turning gray or your TV/ computer monitor is covered with a thin dark residue that easily wipes off with a clean piece of cloth, then you should know that you have an indoor air quality problem that is primarily resulting from candle soot. Some of the safe options when it comes to candles include the beeswax candles and the soy candles.

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