How Often Should Commercial HVAC Filters Be Changed?

Air filters help to control indoor temperatures for businesses and large facilities and ensure that irritants and pollutants do not circulate throughout the building. The air filters in your commercial HVAC system need to be changed as part of your routine heating and cooling maintenance. Here are the air filter replacement requirements for five of the most common types of commercial facilities.

Eating Establishments and Restaurants

The recommended frequency for changing out air filters in restaurants and eating establishments is every one to two months. You may need to change out the filters more frequently if you have high customer volume or cook foods that generate smoke, such as barbecue. Burkholder's Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. will help you to determine the best schedule for changing out your air filters.

Retail Stores and Small Businesses

Retail shops and smaller businesses should change out their air filters every three months. You may want to change out the filter more often if you experience high foot traffic, such as in a retail shop.

Large Manufacturing and Industrial Facilities

If you run a large facility, such as a manufacturing plant, the air filters in your HVAC system should be changed at least once per week. You may need to change the filters more often if the facility is involved in production operations that generate smoke, soot, dust and other airborne particles.

Facilities With Computer Equipment and Electronics

Data centers and other businesses that have a large volume of computers and electronics need to keep the air free of small particles that will interfere with the delicate components of the equipment. Air filters may need to be changed out daily.

Medical Facilities

Medical practices, urgent care centers, emergency rooms, and hospitals rely on clean air to ensure that patients are not vulnerable to viruses, bacteria, and other airborne pollutants. These types of facilities typically have alarms on the HVAC systems that indicate when the air filter needs to be replaced.

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