Why you shouldn’t neglect your heating system in the summer

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As we welcome the summer weather with open arms, we need to keep in mind what kept us warm while we waited for this season to arrive. We tend to focus on the part of our HVAC system that we are currently using. However, to take proper care of your system, you must treat both the heating and cooling aspects as one. By doing so, you’ll go into each new season with an efficient system and peace of mind.

There are multiple reasons why paying attention to your heater in the summer is more important than you may have thought. Here are five:

You’ll regret it when it is time to turn it on

If you know your heating system needs a repair or if it is giving off warning signs at the end of winter that it may need service, don’t ignore it. Delaying the repair may lead to surprise issues in the fall. The last thing you want to deal with when you need your system to work is an unexpected repair. Also, depending on the situation, a technician may need to schedule a return appointment. A full inspection of your system and repairs may take longer than usually if it is put aside for too long. Scheduling HVAC maintenance in advance will keep your system healthy and you’ll avoid an undesired and possibly uncomfortable wait.

Heat pumps are also needed in the summer

Don’t let the term “heat” pump fool you. If you use a heat pump in winter, you also use one in summer. If you choose not to repair your heat pump, you’re choosing to let your air conditioner go as well. Just because you’re switching it over from heating to cooling doesn’t mean you can or should ignore a heating issue.

Spring weather is unpredictable

The saying goes, “April showers brings May flowers,” meaning the switch from winter to spring doesn’t come with sunshine and warm weather. The weather in the Lehigh Valley so far this year is a perfect example. One day the weather is nice enough to open the windows and enjoy the spring air the next it is cold and rainy. When these days come, you’ll want to have the option of turning on a heater that is both safe and efficient.

Dangerous Hazards

Dust build-up and hazardous gas leaks are problems that can occur any time of the year. If you have forced-air heating systems, your heater and air conditioner use the same vents. Cleaning your ducts is necessary to remove the buildup and prevent it from affecting the efficiency and air quality of your system.

With a gas-powered furnace, if an issue sits all summer, it may lead to dangerous gas leaks. Therefore, it is crucial to have a working carbon monoxide detector.

Energy Bills

Heater issues can cause your summer energy bills to increase. Since some of the same parts may be in use, with dysfunctional motors, leaky pipes, or a bad burner, too much energy will be used running with these faulty parts.

What can you do?

Regular HVAC maintenance always wins. There are multiple tasks that go into furnace maintenance, such as cleaning out dust and dirt, lubricating moving parts, inspecting air flow, testing the thermostat and more.  Your heating system is complex and shouldn’t be ignored when it needs a repair or cleaning. We recommend that you schedule regular HVAC maintenance as early as possible with a qualified technician.

Maintaining your system will help keep it healthy and ready to go for the next season!