How to Care for Your AC System

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Your air conditioner is one of the most important appliances and determines how comfortable you feel in the home. Like any product, air conditioners need regular maintenance to ensure it continues to operate efficiently and doesn’t require expensive repairs. Here are a few ways to care for your AC system throughout the year.

1. Perform a Tune-Up

You’ll need to work with a professional technician from a company like Burkholder's Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. to perform a tune-up every six months. The tune-up will allow all of the parts to be inspected. The tune-up also ensures that any potential issue is immediately addressed.

2. Replace the Air Filter

Clogged air filters are one of the most common causes of issues that develop on air conditioners because the air can’t flow well through the system. Make it a point to replace the air filter every two to three months, depending on how frequently the product is used.

3. Keep the Coils Clean

Cleaning the coils is necessary to allow the refrigerant to absorb heat and cool the building. It’s common for the coils to become covered with dirt and grime, which can prevent them from absorbing as much heat. If the parts aren’t wiped down and cleaned throughout the year, it will affect the lifespan of the parts as they work harder to operate.

4. Inspect the Fins

Fins are present on condensers and evaporators, which are prone to bending. Checking the fins to see if they’re bent is important to ensure you can use a comb to straighten them out.

4. Check the Wiring

The wiring connections need to be inspected regularly to determine if any of the elements need to be replaced.

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