The Midwinter Checkup – 3 Tips to Prevent HVAC Repairs

Pre-winter checkups make sure your system is in tip-top shape and ready for the winter.  But did you also know that checking your system in the middle of the season is also important? On the coldest days of the season, your system will run more than usual. A mid-winter system checkup can help you spot problems that that could signal trouble and prevent costly repairs.

Replace Your Filter
We cannot emphasize the importance of replacing air filters enough. One of the most common reasons a system breaks down is due to a dirty filter. A dirty filter affects your air quality as it struggles to push air through the layers of lint and dust gathered on it. It makes your system work harder causing it to overheat.

Dirty air filter covered with dust and lint

Stop Heat Loss
If you notice that your system is constantly running and your home is not staying warm, especially on colder days, air leaks could be the problem. Make sure your windows are insulated with caulk and weather-stripping or insulated drapes. Check your door frames for gaps that allow heat to escape and plug those up as well.

Don’t Neglect Outside Units
If your system uses a heat pump, make it a habit to look at the outdoor unit during the winter for signs of excessive ice or snow build-up around the pump. Keep snow, ice, and leaves away from the unit.  Also, check that the gutters above the outdoor unit are secure. Avoid letting water drip out of the gutters and onto the unit to prevent water leaking into the coils and freezing.

By following these tips, you should be able to spot problems that can signal trouble and prevent costly repairs or a system breakdown in the middle of winter.

Is your system still running a bit sluggish? Our professional technicians can quickly assess the cause(s) of your problem and recommend the appropriate repairs needed to get your heating unit back up and running. Should you need a replacement unit, we can recommend one that fits your home and budget. Please contact us today!