Keep Cool With Promotional Discounts and Solar-Powered Attic Fans

At Burkholder’s, we’re here to help you keep cool. With temperatures in the 90’s this week, you’ll sure notice if your system isn’t running efficiently. If your home or office isn’t at a comfortable temperature or if the temperature is fine but your energy costs are escalating, it’s time to contact Burkholder’s.

I’m offering you three cool ways to save on keeping your HVAC system running at its highest efficiency with some special promotions that are available now through August 30, 2011.

We’ll repair your HVAC system and give you $20 off of a service repair of $300 or more.

Sign-up for a new maintenance agreement for year ‘round efficiency and enjoy dinner on us. You may choose a gift certificate to Blue Grillhouse, The Stoned Crab, Buckeye Tavern, Volpe’s Sports Bar, or Yianni’s Taverna. My wife and I have enjoyed dinner at all of these restaurants and the food is fantastic!

If your current system has just about had it and you have too, we’ll be happy to recommend a new system and give you $300 off of an installation of $3500 or more.

On the technology end of things, Burkholder’s has introduced solar-powered attic fans designed to run on the sun’s energy. Since hot air rises, it may collect in your attic and insulate your home in hot air. During the summer months, attic air temperatures may rise up to 120º. This unique concept uses the sun to keep you cool. The fan, generating power from the sun, reduces air temperature in attics to within 5-10º of the outside air temperature. A cooler attic will reduce energy costs by reducing the use of air conditioning. A thermostat determines when the fan runs, extending the life of the motor. Solar-powered attic fans are ideal for older homes that are not wired for the added power an electric fan would need to operate.

Burkholder’s also offers solar-powered hot water heaters, but I’ll let you know about that another time since all anyone can think about right now is keeping cool.

Take advantage of our special offers and new technology, click here to schedule an appointment or give us a call at (610) 816-6889.

All the best,

Bob Burkholder
Burkholder’s HVAC