Home Heating Myths Debunked

Homeowners are always looking for ways to save on their heating bills. There are plenty of ways to reduce heating costs by winterizing your home or upgrading to a smart thermostat to maximize savings. At the same time there are also plenty of home heating myths out there that range from useless to counterproductive.

Here are a few common home heating myths to remember during the winter season:

Cranking the thermostat will heat up the home faster: You may think turning up the thermostat up past your preferred temperature will encourage your home to heat up faster. In reality, your home will heat up at the same speed if you set your thermostat to your preferred temperature. Once the temperature reaches your desired level of warmth, it will continue to climb if you do not adjust the thermostat again leading your energy costs to increase.

Save with space heaters: Space heaters are not nearly as efficient as your furnace or boiler. If you have a gas furnace, it is a lot cheaper to fuel than an electric space heater.

A wood-burning fireplace can help keep $$ in your pockets: Although it is enjoyable sitting around a fire on a cold night, it won’t keep your home warm. Most traditional fireplaces are set back into the wall and won’t do much to heat your house. However, an EPA-certified freestanding wood stove is an alternative choice for heating your home especially if you have access to free or cheap wood.

Winterizing is too expensive: Installing new windows or adding more insulation to your home can be costly, but there are also inexpensive ways to increase your energy efficiency. Use weather stripping and plastic to seal leaks around doors and windows. Caulk and plug any holes around your roof line. Another great option is to invest in some heavy thermal curtains to hang up in the winter.

As always, it’s best to do additional research before moving forward with any expensive upgrades to your home. There are many inexpensive alternatives out there that won’t break the bank.

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