Heat Siphon® Keeps Your Swimming Pool & Spa Warm for Less

The Heat Siphon® swimming pool and spa heat pump is the most energy-efficient heat pump available in the marketplace today.

We’ve searched for the most reliable, cost-effective and energy-efficient product to offer our customers and the Heat Siphon® is it – hands down. Research proves that this heat pump will maintain 85°Fahrenheit in a 15’ x 30’ pool in Portland, Maine or Miami, Florida for less than a cup of coffee and a donut a day – that’s a no-brainer!

It has a lifetime heat exchanger corrosion warranty and a five-year parts and labor warranty on the compressor. And it’s easy to use. Simply set the temperature in one-degree intervals and, as long as your filtration system is running, your pool will remain at your desired temperature all the time.

Best of all, the Heat Siphon® runs quietly and is environmentally friendly. Instead of using fossil fuels to heat your pool, it moves heat from the air reducing carbon dioxide emission by 36-46 %.

Get ready to enjoy the summer. Contact Burkholder’s today.