Geothermal: Making the Most of the Earth

It’s not the newest technology in heating and cooling, but geothermal systems are gaining popularity, and for good reason.  Keeping with the green themes of today’s society, many people wonder what they can do to significantly reduce their carbon footprint.  When customers ask me what the most efficient and clever way to save money and energy is, my answer is always geothermal technology.

Geothermal pumps are not a terribly complex concept either.  In fact, they’re actually very similar to ordinary heat pumps.  The key difference is that rather than collecting heat from outside air, the energy is gathered from beneath the earth’s surface.  It turns out that a few feet underground the temperature remains relatively constant all year long.  Geothermal pumps take advantage of this steady subterranean energy to maintain your indoor temperatures.

The efficiency that comes with these systems is what makes them truly amazing.  In a geothermal set up, about 70% of the energy used to maintain heating and cooling is renewable. To paint you a picture of the real value of these energy savings, a system with standard efficiency A/C and propane furnace has an operating cost 3.8 times higher than that of a geothermal system. There are upfront costs in installing ground source pumps, but the long-term reduction in monthly energy costs and fossil-fuel dependency makes it an extremely savvy investment.  If you can manage the installation costs, the return will be well worth it.

Aside from the cost savings of going geothermal, these systems are quiet, reliable, durable, convenient, and guaranteed for life.  In the winter, the earth’s warmth is pumped through the duct network to keep you warm, and in the summer, cool, dry air enters your home or business through the same ducts.  If nothing else, you’ve got to admit it – the concept of a geothermal system is intriguing.

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All the best,
Bob Burkholder
Burkholder’s HVAC