Five Reasons to Choose a Wifi Thermostat

Here are five reasons a wifi thermostat might make sense for you:

Better accuracy – Wifi thermostats are more precise than traditional thermostats, meaning there are fewer and less significant temperature variations in your living space. This provides you with the winning combination of being able to regulate both cost and comfort.

Remote control – Wifi thermostats can be accessed from anywhere in the world. That means that you can be sure your home is cool and comfortable when you get home from the office or back from vacation. The Côr™ thermostat is optimized for smartphones and available in a larger format “dashboard” view for tablets and computers, which means that navigating the advanced features and functions of the Côr™ thermostat is simple and intuitive, no matter where you are.

No more guessing – Want to make sure the house is warm and toasty when you walk in the door? Some wifi thermostats will monitor the weather and adjust the settings in your home based on the outside temperature. And, some will even tell you how long it will take to reach your desired temperature.

Easy peasy – You use an app to check the weather, make your grocery list and schedule your dentist appointment. Why not, use an app to control the temperature in your home or office? The applications built to control the wifi thermostats are just as smart and easy to use as the other apps that are part of your everyday life. The Côr™ thermostat offers the best of all worlds – an inviting, touchscreen interface offers easy control at home, while a user-friendly mobile app allows access from virtually anywhere.

Pictured right: Carrier Côr™ Thermo-stat

Financial rewards– Simply put, when you factor in energy savings, a wifi thermostat can pay for itself pretty quickly. For example, the Côr™ thermo-stat which is flexible enough to work with almost any brand of home comfort system, gives homeowners the power to save an average of 20 percent on their heating and cooling energy costs.