E Power Box

I can’t begin to tell you how many no cooling calls we’ve been getting just to find out that PPL has switched customers to “conservation mode.” If the red light is lit on the E Power box attached to your outdoor unit, it means that the box is de-energizing the unit. So, while your indoor air handler will still be circulating air, the outdoor condensing unit will not be running & cooling. The system is supposed to work in such a way that the cooling unit only cycles off briefly and not long enough to make a noticeable difference to the indoor comfort level. However, from the number of complaints that we’ve heard, the E Power boxes are causing a lot of discomfort.

We’ve been told by PPL that customers should call Converge @ 1-866-748-2333 to have the box disabled remotely. They tell us that it should be disabled within 20 minutes of your call. If customers want them to remove the box permanently, it may take up to one month for them to get to your home. If you still have questions or problems, call Burkholder’s service manager, Keith, @ (610) 816-6889.