Burkholders Brings the Heat

This past fall, James and Karen Fellin decided to take their residential winter preparation seriously with a new heating system. “I knew of a neighbor that had work done with Burkholders and they were very satisfied, so I figured I’d give them a call,” says James.

When Burkholders first came out to the Fellin home to evaluate their old system, they provided innovative and insightful ideas and recommendations that blew away their previous oil guys, explains James. “It was clear right away that they really knew what they were talking about.”

The Fellins decided to purchase a Granby Oil Furnace with a Riello burner. “It’s only been a few months, but I can already tell that the system is working much better than my last system ever did,” says James. According to James, his Macungie home has become exponentially more comfortable with the Granby furnace during these frigid winter months – “it just heats better,” he says.

“Government mandates are saying that systems must be much more efficient now, and this one definitely is,” says James. “Because the fall and early winter were relatively warm I haven’t yet had the opportunity to notice the change in oil consumption first hand, but I have no doubt that I’ll be saving moneygiven the efficiency rating and the proven results of this furnace.”

James also was happy to save himself from hassles by working with Burkholders. “The guys were very friendly and knowledgeable,” says James. “They got it installed quickly, and their level of workmanship was very impressive.”

James did have a couple of questions days after the furnace was installed, and he was pleased to find the Burkholders team was still there for him. “I called Justin and he personally came by within the next few days and took care of my concerns, and everything has been great ever since. When you have guys who know what they’re doing it makes for a great outcome!”