S. Berman

We had our very old heating system converted from oil to gas heat. It was a monumental task and took 2 different crews to complete the job. One to remove the huge old furnace and one to connect all the pipes to the new system. It took about 10 days. Every person that worked on it was professional, nice and worked harder than anyone that I have ever seen. Because of the size of the house and the fact that there are 3 separate zones, this was a very expensive job. However, they gave us an estimate, and the price was what they quoted. We had used them for a new air conditioning system last year and were so happy with them, that we had them do the heating as well. The job was incredibly difficult to do. Getting the old furnace out and matching the old pipes to the new ones,etc. We were very happy with the way it was done and the pleasant technicians that worked in our house. We would highly recommend them to anyone.