WOW…is all I can say. I had several estimates to have our house converted from an oil furnace to a full natural gas system. A very large job…Some of the other larger companies in the area took several days to get back to me with a quote and when they did there was quite a lack of confidence in how the project would be handled and what equipment would be best for our house. I really felt like they were trying to sell sell sell and not really care what type of system they were putting in our house…
Someone highly recommended Burkholder’s, I figured I would give it a shot and I eventually met Dave… he came out, walked through the basement, was extremely confident, told me everything that they would do right off the top of his head. It was like he envisioned it already, zero doubt in his voice and he laid the whole thing out to me and made it almost sound easy. Not only did I receive my quote the next morning, but it was also actually the best quote as far as the price that I received from all four of the other contractors. I wasn’t looking for the cheapest, I wanted the most experienced company that knew what they were getting into as this was a large large project. I knew I was going to use Burkholder’s as soon as I met Dave, he was super easy to talk to, explained things to me in a way that I understood and within a couple of days, I signed the contract and began the process.
The job was completed today, the work was impeccable, the technicians literally spent five days in my basement, not once did I see them take their mask off out of respect for me and my family, they did everything they promised to do and went above and beyond… Justin the project manager was excellent with communications and picked up the phone every time I called to make sure everything was coordinating properly. The technicians that were on the job all week, Kevin and Gavin were absolutely awesome, work-wise, and easily approachable. I will HIGHLY recommend Burkholder’s to everyone. I’m always the person that everyone calls asking if I have a plumber, a painter, someone that does windows, etc., Burkholder’s is definitely on the top of my list. I’m picky with how my things and my projects get handled and there’s not one thing that I can say that Burkholder’s should have done differently. I’m super super pleased with the outcome of my project. Thank you Dave, Justin, and of course Kevin and Gavin. You all made the whole thing so easy.