Wintertime Peace of Mind

With the shift from air conditioning back to heat, your home will likely be ready for a maintenance visit. As always, Bob and the team at Burkholder’s are stressing the importance of regular maintenance – and the easiest and most reliable way to get this VIP treatment is with a maintenance program. Plus, this fall Burkholder’s will sweeten the deal on maintenance plans by offering a free programmable thermostat with a two-season maintenance program purchase.* If you don’t already know the benefits of a programmable thermostat, it’s definitely time to get with the program. Aside from the Bob Burkholder of sleek digital display and luxury of controlling your home’s Burkholder’s HVAC climate from anywhere, programmable thermostats can save you hundreds on your energy bill every year! It’s an easy install too, and now it could even be free – there’s literally no reason to hesitate.

Don’s also putting some great offers on the map this fall. “I hope everyone had a great summer, but now it’s time to get back to business,” says Don. Over the past few months, Don has become a bit frustrated. Too often, the guys are going out on service calls only to discover that customers have had new water equipment installed by other companies because they didn’t know Elek Plumbing provided that service. With that, Don has dedicated this fall newsletter to spreading the word that Elek Plumbing can do it all!

With a full selection of the finest residential and commercial water treatment systems and the know-how to install them in any environment, Elek Plumbing has all the makings for your next equipment upgrade. Don and his technicians will also talk you through the process, helping you choose a system that best suits your particular needs and budget. Make sure to read on and check out Elek’s Product Spotlight article and Special Offers on water treatment advancements.

*Not valid on service agreements.