Warm Up to Winter with Instant Heat

The Bradys were attracted to the idea of a NTI Trinity Tx gas boiler after their experience with its impressive results in the water heating department. “We already have instant hot water at our vacation home thanks to the boiler there,” says Craig. “The technology is good – it’s tried and true, it works.”

To take their home from oil to natural gas was no small project, and Craig did his fair share of research before settling on an HVAC company. “We actually discovered Burkholder’s at the home show in Allentown,” says Craig. “When we saw that they could provide the technology, we knew that’s what we wanted.”

Following the home show, Craig collected bids for the conversion project from about six different companies. “Hands down, Burkholder’s sales process and engineering process was the best of all contractors that came to visit,” he says.

It’s only been about two months of cold weather since the Bradys had their NTI Trinity Tx boiler installed, but they’re already pleased with the results. “It’s at least 95 percent efficient,” says Craig. “It seems to be much more cost effective than oil and we don’t even need our chimney anymore!”

Overall, Craig and Doris are very satisfied customers. “Even though the install took a bit longer than anticipated, the guys made sure it was done properly, exactly as it’s sold” says Craig. “We will certainly recommend Burkholder’s – and the NTI gas boiler – to our friends and family.”